Amare has proven hes still the best PF in the can also argue hes the most efficient player of all time

I missed most of this game tonight, it looks like Nelson and Reddick lit us up through the first 3 quarters. Im not surprised, I predicted that. And although we will win this game, our guards are going to have to learn how to play better defense. It will catch up with us at somepoint.

Shumperts still finding his rhythm but hes only one guy. Felton has enough speed where if he was more wise with his footwork he'd be giving up 4 to 8 less points against guards like Holiday Styles, Teague, and Nelson. Clyde was on point the other night when we were playing the Hawks and he said if the guards getting most of their points by attacking the rim, drop off them some and make them shoot. If you have a guard thats scoring by attacking the rim and hitting jumpshots then theres not much you can do.