Memphis is obviously trying to save money, so they don't get raped in this deal because they get what they want..

Daye can shoot at 7 feet, and Prince is a solid starter who can provide defense, range, and intangibles that would fit with Gasol, Randolph, and Conley. Allen is still an elite defender, probably best perimeter defender in the NBA, so Memphis do lose Gay's athleticism and ability to score off the wing, but these means more touches for Gasol who's probably a better offensive option than Gay. Davis is a good pick up for them to add young and potential to their bench and Davis can learn a lot from Randolph.

Raptors benefit from this deal because Gay is a proven player who's averaged 18 PPG the last 4 years. Gay is a good athlete who can rebound, get steals and blocks. He won't make your players better, but Gay right now is the best player on the Raptors, so they improve regardless. Gay ain't Landry Fields, Gay is a border line All Star who's game is still developing. How can you not want a 20 PPG 6 RPG athlete who can score from anywhere?

Lowry/DeRozan/Gay/Bargnani/Val is a strong 5.

Pistons need Calderon. Knight, Bynum suck at running the PG. Their guard depth is awful and Calderon will make the game easier for Drummond and Monroe, which is much needed. Except Pistons to sneak into the playoffs.
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