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    Breaking News How's the chemistry now folks?

    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    The whole notion that [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]'s return would somehow ruin the New York Knicks' chemistry?
    It seems like that can be put to bed.
    Stoudemire hasn't just fit in to what the Knicks want to do on offense. Lately, he has been a driving force behind it.
    That continued on Wednesday as Stoudemire scored 14 points on 7-for-7 shooing in 21 minutes to help the Knicks overwhelm the struggling Orlando Magic.
    "He's playing well and we're playing very well off of him," [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] said of Stoudemire, who has scored in double digits in seven straight games. "He's been very aggressive."
    With Stoudemire playing so well of late, the Knicks have gotten a glimpse of the trio of Stoudemire, Anthony and [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] at its best.

    For Anthony, what happened Wednesday night was a validation of sorts.
    Since he landed in New York, Carmelo has insisted he and Stoudemire can thrive together. It certainly didn't happen initially, but thanks in part to [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]'s presence, things are finally seemingly coming together....

    I am digging the play of STAT as of late and am feeling real good about this team starting to gel now that 95% of the pieces are here (miss Sheed). Between Stats work with the Dream over the summer and his willingness to play off the bench and work on the D this could well be what we were all looking for....a championship squad! I still think to get the chip tho Stat will have to get into the starting rotation. That's how we'll have to match up against the top tier teams.

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    I like the way that STAT has been playing since his return. He is still my favourite player despite some of the crazy people on this forum who want to see him fail.

    I have noticed that during the last few games the coach has been having Melo, Tyson, and Amare on the court together more and more and it does work. I have always believed that it can work out between the three of them. It only doesn`t work when Melo goes iso. Last night it worked perfectly. All three of those players mentioned above scored well with all three passing to one another to score. Ironically it worked perfectly because of the way that the Magic were double teaming `Melo right from the start forcing him to give up the ball. And don`t the Knicks look so much better when he passes to team mates?When `Sheed and Camby are back I expect Woodson to place Amare into the starting five with `Sheed and Camby giving the bench minutes.

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    Default are we there yet?

    The chemistry seems to be coming along. Woody, the alchemist is still in the lab mixing and fixing the experiment known as the 2013 NY Knicks.

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    also once the guards figure out how to play defensively with each other a lot of stat's problems defensively will be hidden. stat will never be a great defender, but he's giving effort on that end which helps a lot.

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    Originally Posted by Real NY Baller
    The chemistry seems to be coming along. Woody, the alchemist is still in the lab mixing and fixing the experiment known as the 2013 NY Knicks.

    I like the "Are we there yet" it speaks big Volumes on our last 19 games (10-9).
    Not happy with our team-chemistry .. especially having HOF Jason Kidd on the team (the master of team-chemistry).

    I stop calling Woodson "Woody" when I seen what little chemistry we had working dissappear, plus when Woodson put 2nd season Shump in the starting lineup, rather than bring Shump off the bench to defend & pressure our oponents PG that been scoring at will on Kidd, Prig, and Felton, and all the DNP to Brewer when SG/SF are scoring all over the tandem of Melo & JR with their first-step, making Tyson Chandler look bad the first 3 quarters trying to stay out of foul trouble.
    If our chemistry on offense was a 7 it went down to 5, plus all the close ending crunchtime games show little improvement in our defensive-chemistry.

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