Amare and Chandler should be featured more in the offense.

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Watch that video before you read this.

Chandler is averaging 12 ppg on 68% FG shooting.
Amare is posting a 20.2 PER and is averaging 12.7 points on 55% FG shooting in 22 minutes.

Carmelo of course should be the primary option, but his shot attempts should be lowered, Chandler and Amare are efficient scoring options who have the ability to give you 15-18 points if you give them more looks.

This team have 3 guys, Shumpert, Smith, and Felton who can penetrate and get shots in the paint for Chandler and Amare.

I feel like if we don't FEATURE these guys more Carmelo will be worned out and possibly be prone to injury with the amount of activity he's taking. We have two tools we need to use more to preserve Melo for the playoffs.

Amare has been impressive on offense and has actually finished around the rim well. He's taking less jumpers and is attacking the basket.

Chandler's hook shot has been effective and he shouldn't be in shy in using it.

Chandler and Amare should get 15 shots a game a piece, or this offense won't reach it's full potential.

JR Smith should use his agility and quick to pass and get assist, he has ability to score; but maybe that's not the best thing for us right now. Kobe has been averaging over 10 assist the last couple of games and it has done magic for the Los Angeles Lakers....maybe JR Smith should follow that role and try to be a creator on offense.