Yep great post.

Another interesting stat you can add to this argument is the Knicks outscore their opponents by 13.5 points per 48 minutes when our big 3 of Melo/Amare/Tyson are on the floor together.

Tyson needs the new Amare who actually can switch and defend at an average level so he can be more aggressive defensively. Every time I see an uncontested layup drift in over Tyson without him putting his hands up I cry a little inside and realise more and more than Melo at the PF is just not sensible.

This article was posted on realgm today where they say Amare has "fully adjusted to reserve role". This just depresses me. Unless they plan to feature him heavily in around 28-30 minutes of action and feature him plenty with Melo and Tyson I really don't like this reserve role going forward.

STAT is a beast on offense and apart from the very few times Melo posts up each game we have no one who can reliably score inside by themselves. The only way the Knicks have played "inside out" this whole season is from Felton's penetration and those rare occasions where JR Smith/Melo drives instead of settling for a jumpshot.

With STAT and Tyson beasting and feasting below the rim and Melo featured enough to get him 5+ shots a quarter I just don't see the problem. Melo doesn't need to take 25-30 shots every night.