^ Yeah I get where you're coming from we're just fast approaching that point in the season where decisions need to be made.

Trade deadline is 22nd of this month. I think there are a few suitable West Coast destinations for Novak that could net the Knicks some quality heading towards the post season. The obvious one would be LA. Could we tantalize MDA with an offer of Novak for Earl Clark? Seems doubtful with their current frontcourt issues but anything's possible.

We missed the boat on the Memphis trade most likely but there are other trades being floated around the league. ATL and PHX seem to be heading towards a deal that would send Josh Smith to the Suns, with Gortat going the other way. Could the Knicks take advantage of this to land a fringe big man like Zaza? It's possible.

These are the kinda deals the Knicks need to take advantage of, getting involved in a 3 team gives us a much better chance of making a beneficial deal than trading straight up with anyone, since our assets are slim and the way STAT has been playing I don't think it's time to trade him.