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Its Amare’s defense keeping him out of the starting lineup, coach wants the start of the game to be defensive while having a definite scoring threat on the floor (Melo). Felton will facilitate, getting Chandler in the game more offensively. Stat and Jr Swish will bring in more offense off the pine. I believe coach wants Chandler to be more dominating, if this is the case than having 3 alpha scorers on the court at the beginning of games might disrupt the chemistry in our scoring department because all of them will be looking for their shots before looking to play team ball. Perhaps today’s article in the Daily News will help share some insight on what exactly the coach wants to do with the team.

Our biggest liabilities in the starting-lineup & finishing-lineup going into midseason are ....
1) Felton being a defensive liability on PG/SG
2) JR being a defensive liability on SG/SF
3) Melo being a defensive liability on SF/PF
4) Stat being a defensive liability on PF/C

Having any 2 of the above name players in a lineup has made us a defenseless team, since our first 6 game win streak of the season. In November & December we had a 5 game, and a 4 game win streak, the last month and a half we been playing .400 to .500 B.Ball (10-9).
So adding 3 or 4 of the above name players in a lineup has made it hard for Knicks-Fans to watch (check out our Game-Threads) .. we had way to many last-shot winning games the first half of the season.

We have so many big-name $$$ players on our roster for us to be changing-leads with every oponent in the final 2 minute of a game. As for Melo & JR shooting over 20 shots a game is nothing new, they did the samething on the Denver Nuggets for 3 years in a row to try to get JR the 6th Man of the year.