I’m not worried at all; we are playing great and still improving. Woody has great command and control of the situation. He has his players motivated and playing Defense. He wants the starts of games to be aggressive. We don’t have an issue with scoring… just communication and defense, which is being taken care of as the season progresses.

I totally respect how Woody is running the show because he is making it work while making adjustments on the fly. For a team that is practically brand new in players and personal… I’m very impressed. In fact, I tossed away my panic button the other day. I’m not going to complain when my team is sitting on the top of the Atlantic, especially when this team is demonstrating brilliance and getting better each game. We are resting players, healing players, keeping players fresh, playing guys in different lineups (this is called gelling,btw), and we are still freaking WINNING! I mean, Why the fvck would I be b!tching when there is so much potential clearly being displayed and utilized in various ways.

Atm, I have nothing to be upset about. Sure there’s room for improvement and that’s exactly what I see in each game. I’ll wait until they actually start sucking before I start complaining. I’ve been supporting this cast of players ever since JLin was traded; this is a playoff team that are getting primed by way of playing in various lineups. Woody is not sitting on top of the Atlantic division because he didn’t know what he was doing, it’s clearly the other way around.