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To much Melo, JR, and Tyson in every lineup .... and still the three-players have no chemistry or Jellin-plays with teammates.
JR.smith is not a first/second/or third option scorer on a team, this is why the Denver Nuggets showed no interest in re-signing him after 6 seasons on the Nuggets. JR.smith is/are an inconsistent dynamic player, he is not the player u go to under pressure .. he will make one or two exciting plays in a 32 minute performance, and he's known for winning 3 games a season on taking the last shot from the 3-ball line .. however, JR.smith has never been known as a complimentary-teammate.

JR.smith belong in the starting lineup with Melo, JR.smith is not a finisher or player u want in the lineup at crunchtime his defense stinks...
He can be erratic, but the dude has hit some big shots including game winners this year. I think he's proven he is pretty clutch, and doesn't wilt under pressure. I feel good about having him as our third option after 'Melo and Amar'e.