So I like many fans despised this team for the past year and a half but have cooled on my hate....I mean as cool as any Knick fan can be towards Miami!

But now there is this....first off hats off to Spolestra for coaching ASG and despite my feeling that Woody and Tommy Tibbs have both done a better job coaching this year the rules are rules and he earned the right to coach The East.

So where is my hate coming turns out that Spolestra is going to insert Bosh into the starting 5 to make them the first team in history to have 3 players start in an All Star game!

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What a chump move!!!!

Look I know its just an All Star game and it really does not matter but its just corny to me

What's worst is that Bosh says he does not believe and astrik should be attached to this record and he said "Hell Yeah he would accept the start"

It's just shows who Bosh is....this sucka couldn't lead a team so he goes to Mia to be the 3rd best player on a team! can't get enough respect from fans to be voted in so he accepts his coach's non deserving nod.

Fan voting takes away from the credibility of ASG starting lineups and the balance is supposed to come from coaches and this is a coach thinking like a fan!

And its not like I want Tyson in the starting 5 instead....I think Kyrie Irving ought to be starting w Rondo out! Or if you gonna start a big man then let it be Jokiam Noah who has held his team down with their MVP out!

They are lucky the game is on the West because if an East team was hosting Bosh would get booed every time he touches the ball!