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    Melo and Jr won this game for us. Awful 3q refs both sides mistakes. Xtreme important win while PAcers lost 1st time @ their floor since long time and wizards just noticed another win . Looks like wizards will be playoff team next season.

    Clippers game cancelled?

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    Really stole that one from the Wolves, seemed like the Knicks couldn't get anything consistent going on either end of the floor until the last few minutes when we finally toughened up on D and Melo stepped up with some exceptional play down the stretch. Amar'e continues to improve, that dunk was something right out of 2010 when he first came to NY. Although his outside shot wasn't falling, I thought Felton did an ok job of getting into the paint on offence and eventually picked it up on D when dealing with the ball handlers. The key play of the game was the block on a Rubio (I think) drive which lead to JR's fast break and-1.

    It shouldn't be happening with a team with championship aspirations, but it seems that this Knicks team occasionally plays down to the level of less talented teams. Hopefully this complacency will stop after the ASG break and when the injured/rehabbing players get back to closer 100%, and in the mean time we turn up for games against the likes of the Clippers on Sunday and Melo can continue his MVP level season when we struggle as a team.

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