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Jamaal is a beast, esp coming off the bench. If you look at the old posts when he was a KNICK you will shake your head "he's just a chucker...." That chucker comes off the BENCH dropping 30...Bron is probably the ONLY player in the league that can check JC one on one out on the floor..JC is too quick with crazy handle will cross you and make you look stupid when you come out and get him, drop a 25-30 footer on you if you don't come out and get him, blow by you and big enough to finish strong when you do..NIGHTMARISH...Shame his days in a KNICK uni weren't APPRECIATED "he's a chucker" JR is a poorman's JC but it's all we got

No i havent seen the other post of Knick fans but I have spoke to other knick fans and heard them say that. My response was " you are out of your damn mind". lol. But JC was just dancing all over the floor and was surprised Jr didnt answer back. I was actually looking forward to that matchup because of how great they are offensively. But yeah sad to see some NYK fans who werent that appreciative like you said. He was my most exciting Knick at that time. He torched Miami with that 55 pt outburst which was crazy. But Crawford is the real deal and is really helping out LAC a great deal