Novak or Camby make the most sense if this is real with maybe other players added in an exchange of roleplayers (the smart move would maybe be to add copeland as a sweetner whose scoring ability seems legit but with Stat back lacks a defined role). Also Brewer who while not playing is still a respected player around the league for his defense.

If its for Novak then the knicks are trying to sell high (for once). He is due an all Star appearance for the 3 pt contest and his ability to get reliable minutes on a marquee team makes him a name player right now. Dudley is a 3 pt shooter (41%) and a better all around player. Lastly he could play the 3 to Melo and Stat at the 4 and be comfortable at it. This would give the knicks the ability to put shump at the 2 for defensive purpose as needed. If (and I mean IF) brewer can break the rotation by playoffs the knicks would have a very good team to make a run at it this year.

If its for Camby It means the knicks feel they have enough bigs and see that they need a better 3 to back up Melo who will play the 4.

No matter what if this deal happens it means the knicks expect to play Stat as a sixth man going forward