Here are a couple of points we all have to remember:

1. This is still Damnphonies' team per se. We are still running Damnphonies' offense which has fire power. But most of the roster is his old roster. Like when a college coach gets fired, the new coach has the old coaches players for THAT SYSTEM. Woody took over midstream...can't throw the baby out with the bathwater.

2. The guys we brought in are OLD...And I mean ancient by NBA standards: Sheed, Kidd, Kurt Thomas, Cambyman....C'mon man...Of course J Kidd can't defend cats LITERALLY HALF HIS AGE. Feltip is undersized and Shump is trying to find his way back...He an d. Rose got hurt the same day and Rose aint played an NBA minute yet. Its amazing Shump is even on the floor and he really has to be the perimeter stopper.

3. Knicks INTERIOR defense has to improve...But I think it will when Sheed/Camby get back. Until then Tyson/STAT need to pick it up since we are to small/old to guard people out on the floor.

4. Work in progress....It aint even the All-star break so chillax....So many injuries which with this old team and Shump out we knew would be an issue...Woody had to shuffle the deck LB style to cover...I mean Copeland /White having to START????C'mon....Hard to GEL with all that going on...

5. But we got MELO, and he is a MELO FELLOW the rest of the guys will pick it up...Old teams like ours pick it up during the playoffs, not during the 82 game grind....Just wait and see we are setting pretty....All them guys Kurt Thomas,Kidd,Sheed,Camby wanna go out with a ring so this will be a different team come playoff time trust me...This team will be ready to bring it by April/May. NBA seasons are a MARATHON, not a SPRINT