i think this is a panic thread. Knicks lost to CP3-led Clippers and Wall-led Wizzers.
other than those losses, Knicks have played pretty good; Amare is playing better
each and every game, and Iman is still getting his legs as well. Plus, 2 of our bigs
have been hurt for weeks (Gumby/Sheeeet). this is still not a complete team.

Losing to a couple of the best PG's in the league is bound to happen, it is very hard
to stop them when they're on their game.

the Knicks recent losses were when JR, Novak and Kidd failed to show...
this squad is all about the bench performing more than anything, the perimeter D will
come, and the defense of the paint as well. these were issues you've talked about Red,
and they still remain.

to compare Wood Son and Antoni is just not fair. They are light years apart in terms
of coaching styles and player interaction. Wood Son = fastest Knick coach to reach
50 wins. c'mon now, give the guy a break.