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Poor response for a Knicks team that needs "stops" more than scoring.......no afence to u Jim

There's so many good post in this Thread ([Only registered and activated users can see links. ]) that point-out the real issues on our Knicks team .... except the one above.

We have not played 48 minutes or 24 minutes of team-defense since the first 6 games of the season when we started Brewer/Kurt and finished with Sheed/Novak .... when Brewer were taken out of the starting-lineup we had a 23-10 record. We were on our way to define the best offensive-lineup and best defensive-lineup to use during crunchtime games during a time-out for stops or scoring.
We are 49 games into the season with 65% of our games being close games in the 4th quarter, and coach Woodson has not established a defensive-lineup to use for a stop in crunchtime. We have been playing small-ball all season to establish chemistry, which isnt working when small-ball best success is with uptempo transition players (run run run), not halfcourt peremeter shooting offense.
Non taken KIYA I'm not sure our hot start had anything to do with Brewer being a starter, I think our great start was more a function of great team shooting to begin the season. Everyone said we couldn't keep shooting that well from 3 and for sure we cooled off. It's hard to have Brewer on the floor in end game situations because of his poor shooting. The man couldn't hit water if he fell out of a boat