What happened to...


When we began coach preached accountability. Melo came focused and primed to prove all doubters wrong. Diving into the stands, swatting weak shots, and getting his teammates involved. JR was quickly subbed for when he made bone-headed blunders.

Coach was screaming on out-of-position, complacent players. Immediately! Defensive anchors like TC and Sheet talked it up.


While I like the acquisition of Martin, the transaction begs a few questions. Why wait until now? Why Brewer? Yes Brewer struggled but so too did Novak and others who didn't provide defense.

Speaking of... wasn't Brewer a temporary replacement until the return of Shump? One who turned out to outperform our expectations and provided much needed defense? Didn't we learn from years past why devaluing a players worth based on offense is a mistake? What happened to that?

Isn't it evident that TC needs help in the form of a perimeter (Shump, Brewer, Melo trying) defender and that players are more confused by constantly switching?


What happened to coach "designing an offense that features our two stars"? Wasn't STAT IN THE STARTING LINE-UP prior to bumping knees? Wasn't Kidd another temporary fix? Why after going .500 for two months is he still starting over STAT?

Kidd excelled by knocking down the open three... haven't we learned not to overvalue this trait without considering defense? His playing time also results in a shift of two players out of their normal positions. Haven't we learned what that could mean over the long run?



1. falling in love with the three (living and dying by)
2. forgetting that STAT was our starter at the 4
3. witnessing Melo excel at the 4 in an emergency/temporary situation
4. forgetting that Brewer at least played D and Sheet at the least talked it up and altered shots
5. over playing Kidd
6. refusing to reel JR in
7. trading Brewer
8. signing Martin this late
9. inconsistently playing some struggling players (Novak, Kidd) while sitting others (Brewer, Copeland, KT)

Coach is sending the wrong message. This message is: three's are honored, defense is not. the line-up is not set. out of position players work. defensive mismatches work. there is no game plan for our stars.

...and is losing this team. I'm shm. This is just like D'antoni. Get back to playing defense and we'll win. Remember when everyone gave a concerted, obvious effort? When we didn't blame a poor shooting Brewer because we won with defense?

The leaders of this team need to step up. One of them happens to be a neutered Amare Stoudemire and another needs to be Melo. This is hard to do with another similar trait i'm noticing between our former and our current coach... stubbornness.