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    Coach Woodson really has me shaking my head (SMH).

    1. No Amare (our other star) down the stretch

    2. No K-Mart, although we need size and defense

    3. No moves made to replace Wallace until the deadline, and then he sits the replacement (see 2)

    4. So many minutes for Novak

    5. Smith as streaky as a modern day Starks

    6. Shump playing the 3

    7. Small lineups

    Wtf is this guy doing?

    8. Camby warming the bench


    9. James White starting?


    The only logic for these moves is Woodson is comfortable with our lead and will change things up (rotation wise) come the playoffs.

    I didn't mention jettisoning Brewer, one of only 3 defenders we had.

    You blow a 16 point lead... you deserve criticism.

    Woodson has me smh. I think we can all see the writing on the wall.

    On paper we are one of the deepest teams in the league. Our size alone should give teams fits. But we'll keep this self defeating thing going right up until we pack are bags and go on vacation to play golf.

    Tell me, given this exact team and circumstances (Wallace out forever)... what would Phil Jackson do?

    You think he'd sit STAT citing injury recovery time, yet start Shump out of position off an Acl injury?

    Smh. Just smh. Coach downgrade.
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