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    Originally Posted by knicksince 93
    I agree we need to continue ball movement but the teams made adjustments and are running the knicks off of the 3 point line. More pick and rolls can help but teams aren't doubling melo so he takes his man which is the right choice.

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    ISO will never win a puts too much pressure and energy on on guy, takes everyone oit of any flow and it makes the KNICKS SO PREDICTABLE.....this is clearly Woodsons job to make this right.........

    Melo never needs to bring the ball up.......
    Pablo needs more minutes ( 16 a game )
    jr needs to get to the foul line.

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    Originally Posted by knicksince 93
    Smh at taking jj over jr.

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    I see where Kiyaman is going here.

    Barea is very fast and isn't like an elite PG more like a 77 rating type PG on 2K13.

    I'm a huge JJ fan, and even after come off an injury, he's been balling for the T-Wolves...Barea's weakness are injuries and he can be erratic.

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