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ha ha ha a 2nd scorer, your kidding right??????
How about this team needs some "GELLIN-Chemistry" added into its ISO-Melo system (individual-system).

we only average 4 to 5 points per-game on fastbreak-baskets, u can count on one hand all the fastbreak layups/dunks we made in our 50 games (thats not good!). Plus our inside scoring is always lower than 20% of our total score.
O'yea .. our team-defense is so Effin sorry each game it gives our two worst defensive-players the oportunity to Ball-Hog as if the two-players are bailing us out on the offensive-end by shooting relentless 3-balls.

Toronto Raptors just played 4 games in 6 days .. in our last two games in MSG we performed like we want to be traded before the dead-line...
i am serious about a second scorer because if a team can slow down carmelo than it's easy to defend us. even when carmelo goes for 40 teams will let him have it as long as other guys don't score. we need a second scorer who can knock down the perimeter shot and drive. that will allow things to open up for the rest of the guys on the court. felton is a good point guard, but as a second scoring option i don't think other teams fear him. stoudemire can be a second scoring option, but his defense makes him too much of a liability to leave on the court at times. i also want a second scorer who can defend not just score.

the defense needs to get better, but explain to me how that gives guys permission to make it seem like they're bailing us out with three's on the offensive end? that's the offense the knicks have been playing all year. recently, they haven't been hitting shots at the same rate.