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Spurs can win against Bulls @ their floor without their startes with just roseless Bulls roster+ Spurs r most international team in entire NBA coz POP said there in Euope/rest of world are much more better players than in NBA such Argentina France/Belgium Brazil & NEW zealand. Plus they have mentality of team play and D

right now Knicks are mess without MELO and Felton and Lebron turning up his dunking % and all calls for any touch @ glass.

Knicks still @ top2 now all star break but march is month of many road game and it could change their position IF Wallace will not play and Camby there will be problems.
Forget top 2, frankly could easily see us falling as far as 6TH in the East. February was a month we had to dominate as March schedule is hell. Writing has been on the wall for sometime, losses to Kings, Blazers, Nets, Sixers, Wizards and now Raptors. Could have been worse if not for Melo going off against likes of T-Wolves and Hawks.