amare isn't 2nd option bc he wasn't healthy at the start of the season. jr was so there's your 2nd option. if he was healthy at the start of the season, im sure he'd be the 2nd scoring option. his defense also makes him too much of a liability to be on the court. regardless of what you think, the knicks were a good defensive team at the start of the season with melo and jr on the court. when have the knicks ever been a good defensive team with stat on the court?

prigioni needs to shoot more to get more playing time. he looks to pass way too much.

also ask yourself of novak, tyson, kidd, copeland, and felton, who's better than wade, westbrook, or duncan/parker? one is point guard who should be distributing. two of those need shots to be created for them. one guys is 40, and the other was playing in europe for the past 5 years. you're kidding yourself if you think those guys are second scoring options.