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Knicks priority is to win division and that still can be done but we need to win last game vs 76ers as 1st main and important key.Still tied with celtics . If Knicks will reach that goal only one remaining will be better record than BKN.

Otherwise mr Farkley will be loling and fans will be messed up.

MELO will remain @ home for all star Stern will give MVP to Bron. I will also take break from NBA after doubleheader TNT .Wont be watching all star.

I still believe the Knicks will win the Atlantic Division Title .. only if all our "Old-Heads" are still on the team after the month of February.
Our "Old-Heads" are the key reason we got off to a great (18-5) start.
We been 14-13 record team in the past two-month .. playing .500 B.Ball.
We have 32 games remaining, winning 18 of those games will give us a 50 win season making us a .600 team for the season. The Atlantic Division dont have any .600 teams this season other than the Knicks.

The reason why we signed so many "Old-Heads" to the team is because ego-Melo has no respect for younger or cheaper players in the lockerroom or on the court. To refute this statement means u never watch the Knick vs Denver Brawl, or Will Chandler, Al Harrington, and Gallo have their season high or career high scoring vs Melo & JR Denver Nuggets. For the past two seasons we all been wondering why non-scoring players have their best scoring game when they play the Knicks.
50 games in the season, and it looks as if our "Old-Heads" dont want to be apart of this Knicks team...