James Fright White's uninspired performance should get him cut from the Knicks.
I liked the flight attendants, but his dunks were subpar attempts.

A poor rep! His lacking as a dunker in the spotlight translates to his lack as player
for the NY Knickerbockers. Cut him now! that would be hilarious. blame Dolan.

the chemistry Knicks had at beginning of season has faded to a .500 team.
it's time for fresh blood, rather than wait for Sheeet or Gumby to return healthy.
pick up Amundsen, or KMart. or anyone else for that matter.

where's finestrung when you need his opinion?

i thought Novakaine started off slow, but finished respectfully.
there was no beating Kyrie-diculous last night.
that kid's gonna be MVP some day.