Iman Shumpert had been in trade talks lately and I want to provide you guys with an update on the situation and why we should consider trading Shump for the right deal.

Chris Sheridan wrote an article that had recent reports of Shumpert's camp and maybe even his agent, Happy Walters, pissed off about how the Knicks have developed Shumpert and his recent position as a SF that doesn't ball handle much
.....“There are major concerns (from people close to Shumpert) over how the Knicks are developing him,” a source from another team told, speaking on the condition of anonymity.“They feel he’s being played out of position (at small forward) and his confidence is suffering because of it. They understand the team is having success and it has to be the right deal, but they’d prefer Iman in another situation… And soon.”

Moke Hamilton had a nice article on why the Knicks should consider trading Shumpert. First off, Moke mentioned how Knick fans have hailed "future" players such as Danillo Gallinari that never wound up being all stars or franchise changing players.Second, the Knicks want to win a championship soon and Shumpert is not the defensive force we hoped we would be this season and even with him, we will have a tough time beating the Heat and Bulls in the playoffs. Moke also mentioned how many one dimensional players the Knicks have right now, Ronnie Brewer, Steve Novak, Shumpert, etc.

Moke mentioned a trade that I would consider:

Iman Shumpert and Steve Novak
for Jared Dudley, Sebastian Telfair, and a 1st round pick.

Here are the facts that are becoming evident. Shumpert is our only trade chip and he might not even produce the way we hoped because of his injury. Novak spreads the floor but all a team has to do is put their PG on him and he still won't put up shots (I've seen it). Novak is a fan favorite but he is getting paid 4 mil a year and he can be completely useless and is not the same player as last season. Novak cashed in on a season where he was never scouted and jumped on the scene.

Dudley is a two way player that destroyed us last time we faced him. He is a career 40 % 3 point shooter and can play good defense. He can play the wing at the 2 or 3 and is 6'8. Dudley is only getting paid 4 million and he will be so much more useful than Steve Novak. Sebastian Telfair is a type of guard we need. We need a quick young PG to penetrate the lane and spell Felton when the team is running slow and not penetrating. Telfair is a NY product that has always had nice games at MSG. And right now if you trust Kidd as a backup PG then you need your eyes checked. Kidd has now become a shooting guard and Pablo Prigioni is nice but he never drives and has no speed.

The icing on the cake is a 1st round pick that would most likely be a lottery pick since the Suns are playing poorly this season. We already have a 1st round pick so we would have either two this off season or a pick for the following season which we lost in the Melo trade.

Will this happen? Why or why not?