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Tweet from Alan "Me So" Hahny:
"Rasheed Wallace and Marcus Camby both on practice court with Knicks.
First time team has had all 15 players together on court this season."

don't know what thread to put this in, so i figured i'd throw it out there.
i think this is great news, hopefully a healthy sign of things to come, in
time for playoff push. Can Knicks get back to beginning-of-season style
defense with Sheeet/Gumby in 2nd lineup? Will this allow STAT back in
starting five?

That's the long term plan, and the Knicks will be much better for it. Getting Shump back at the 2, Kidd coming from the bench, Amar'e starting at the 4, Melo at the 3 and front court bench depth of KT, Sheed and Camby makes the Knicks a much stronger team.

Will take a while for Sheed and Camby to get back into game shape though because of their age.