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We could beat Miami in the playoffs with the team we have now, their bench stinks and LeBron's passiveness can be exposed...their defense isn't what it was last year.

Pacers and Bulls are the Knicks weakness, Miami isn't a concern you flip flop wearing dork.

and Josh Smith is underrated, this guy does everything on the floor except shoot.
Their bench was not all that good either last year. The addition of Allen only helps if you ask me.
Pacers and Bulls are a threat because of their defensive abilities but struggle on offense. Miami beat Indy with out Bosh last year. Bulls are the same way. Even with a 100% Rose they couldnt beat Miami. At the end of the day the power of Wade and James, and the added effort of others will defeat those teams.

Now with the knicks, if the knicks were the same team they were in Nov/Dec and Miami was playing lack luster, then yeah I can agree but the Knicks have declined in every category defensively since the end of December. They're last in assist which means there is more iso ball and team ball. Playing like that is no threat to Miami. The only legitimate defensive threat is Tyson and when he is on the bench it's basically a lay up line. (Clippers game prime example). No hard feelings tho. I am just talking basketball

and cute flip flop joke at the end too bro