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Heat bench is still weak even with Ray Allen, Cole is one of the worst back up PG's in the NBA and with the trade rumors going on, Heat are trying to get DJ Augustin from the Pacers who has regressed but I still believe his skill set makes him a valuable asset.

Heat haven't done anything this year to solidly themselves as a scary team, the only person scary on their team is LeBron who's having the best season I ever seen anyone have in my life.

and the Bulls and Pacers are improved teams this year, especially defensively.

Heat are 0-2 very the Pacers year, scored 77 and 89 points each game. Pacers can easily shut down Miami in the playoffs and Miami should be concerned because Pacers are a team who have been creeping the last 3 years and are emerging as an elite defensive squad, the best in the NBA right now and that's without Granger.

Heat also haven't beat Chicago this season.

I don't see the Heat or Knicks beating Chitown or Indie in a 7 game series.
Heat bench isnt the best but theyll make shots when needed.
Miami lost the season series vs the bulls and celtics the last 2 years and beat boston both years and chicago the first year in the post season. Again, Miami is all about April, May and June Now you really think a Roseless Bulls team can beat the Heat 4 times in a series? Same with Indy? I don't see the Knicks beating any of those teams but Miami, surely. Miami's defense took a slight hit because their offense was pumped up. They're number 1 in offensive efficiency, and ranked 9th in opponents FG%. So for a team that is top 10 in defense and 1 in offense, I like their odds.