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    See, I don't look at any of these guys as "projects," as in the sense of too young to have an impact. The Knicks might very well feel this way but I don't at all....There wouldn't be much of an adjustment at all for Jordan Williams or Andy Rautins. Looking for 15-20 mins outta Williams, that's it -- patrol the paint, hit the glass hard (this guy's a stud rebounder and we need help on the glass), get us 2nd opportunities, utilize those extra 6 fouls, help us keep STAT & Chandler fresh/out of foul trouble, and score it a little inside if/when the opportunity presents itself. No question in my mind this kid could do all these things and assimilate right in right away. Rautins, a guy we drafted and liked at one point (some within the organization probably still do), same thing----just get open, space the floor and shoot the ball. He can do that. It's not rocket science...Honestly, there's not much of a difference in overall talent between Rautins and JJ Redick the way I see it. Redick by a little, granted, but not enough of a disparity to warrant unloading Shumpert. Rautins is a poor man's Redick and he could serve the exact same purpose. Same purpose Steve Kerr served on all those Chicago Bull teams. Andy actually scored 20 pts. for the Thunder in an NBA preseason game once. He can play, we just never gave him a shot here at all. We already have the foundation set. And the subfloor, and the walls, and the roof..All we need is for these guys to come in here and be the solid role players they could be..I look at this stuff like filling prescriptions at a pharmacy -- why pay more for a brand name if you can get the generic form for much cheaper and it does the same thing for you? Shelvin Mack, esp. if we expected him to play some point, would take longer to catch on but he's got NBA experience with Washington where I thought he looked pretty good. I think he could be an upgrade over the 35-yr-old Prigioni (I see a much better version of Toney Douglas with Mack---unlike TD, I think this kid can actually play some point)...You wanna forget about adding Mack, fine, but I'd still think long and hard about adding Williams and Rautins. They'd be perfect---Williams and Rautins could give us so much more than Kurt Thomas and James White imho (out of our three end of the roster guys, I guess I'd have to keep Brewer for his ability to defend 2s & 3s, which I actually think is overrated though btw). If I were the GM, I would feel a responsibility to plug any glaring holes on the team and give my coach as many options to win with as I possibly could. Minor upgrades like this give Woody more options then he had before, bottom line. And for the record, I don't feel like we should keep guys around that do little more than wave their pomp-pomps from the bench, lighten the mood in the locker room, give Melo someone to play cards with or go to the movies with on road trips -- all that nonsense is overrated. Not at the expense of hogging roster spots that could be used for talent upgrades to fill holes....I've seen a lot of stuff written about that, how Kurt Thomas and James White are important guys that help out with chemistry, etc...Gimme a break. I always want to see mgmt. up the talent level at all costs; give me guys that can go out there and impact the game with their talent and skill over putting unnecessary stock in this team chemistry nonsense any day. Not saying chemistry's not important. Sure it is. It's just a distant 2nd when compared to building the most talented roster you can build...Adding Williams & Rautins would provide excellent insurance--guys that could fill in right away and impact the game with their unique skillsets (one with his size & rebounding, the other with his lethal 40+% 3-pt shooting stroke). To me that's more important. Both Williams and Rautins are good dudes anyway -- not like I'm talking about adding bad character guys here.
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