my biggest problem with the knicks is their apparent lack of desire most nights. too often they quit in games. losing 5 games wire to wire is embarrassing. i wish this team had some heart, but they don't. i have no clue what's happened to tyson chandler, but he's been a huge problem this year. all the flashy alley-oops are nice, but too often he watches guys dunking the basketball. combine chandler's awful year with the lack of desire by these guards to guard anybody, and it's led to what's happening now. if you want to see whay the knicks lost against the pacers last night just watch the efforts of this team to get over screens. there was almost not effort to get around screens.

i don't think they're as bad as they played last night, but this season will get real ugly if they continue to play with no heart. if they competed every so often maybe some of these 110-90 losses could turn into 90-87 wins, but they don't.