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I liked Brewer he gave us multi-positional defense, plus Brewer knows his role in a series (Sloan & Thib), it was OKC that traded for him
Toughness plays a big part in a winning season, and a winning series. We sign Sheed for toughness, and now we sign Kenyon Martin toughness .... for 10 daze
This was a horrible move for several reasons.

1. We lost 1 of 3 defenders we had
2. K-Mart will now disrupt what little chemistry we had

which means coaches claimed priority of defense looks hollow and he missed the fact that at the least we played defense with Brewer in the line up... at the vet min nonetheless. We could have jettisoned someone else who produced less than Brewer to make room for K-Mart (who we probably could have had at the beginning of the year).

Our only hope hinges on K Mart/Sheet/Gumby/ and KT somehow stay healthy and contribute on a grand scale, while we learn to play inside out. Objectively speaking... that is almost impossible given what we've seen.