Tyson Chandler is only 30, but he also has 13 years of NBA mileage. Can he preform at the same level as a DPOY or NBA championship? Currently Chandler is an average NBA defender and average offensive player, great rebounder....but his defense has taken a decline. Do we keep him as he continue to decline or hope for him to incline his attributes? Or do we trade him after a failed season and get the most value for him?

Amare also 30 years old. We've seen his decline drastically but offensive he's back and is still a great player scoring the ball, everything else not so much. What team will be desperate to take Amare out of our hands?

Kurt Thomas, 65 years old...pretty sure he hangs it up soon. Same goes for Rasheed who can barely play 10 minutes, Camby who's pretty much on his last limb.

Prigioni is a young 35, he can stay for leadership and he plays good defense and can pass. He's shooting 41% from 3pt this year also.

James White has been useless.

Keep Copeland. He scores 6.5 points in 11 minutes. Defense isn't great, but he's good insurance and not a bad 15th player to have the squad.

Novak is 29, one dimensional...keep him but only give him 12-16 minutes a game, not over 21.

Felton, as average as it gets. Trade him ASAP before he declines and we lose value for him.

JR Smith...Melo...they're like peanut butter and jelly. They're always gonna be together, but I don't know what to do with them. I say keep them because they can score in bunches...but how successful can we be with these guys?

Shumpert stays...to those Shumpert haters, it took Rubio a while to recover from his injury, it's gonna take Shumpert time and as well Derrick Rose some time. Keep Shumpert.