The question remains .. does Woodson know how to coach a 9 or 10 man rotation?

What is Woodson going to do when all 15 players are healthy to perform? keep on DNP 7 to 8 players per game? did someone mention Damnphoney?

Novak & JR belong in the starting lineup so we could explore a bench-lineup using Kidd, Shump, Stat, (and Camby return) to spice up the gellin in Prig & Copeland pick n roll, and defensive-switch.
We are going to need a lot of depth off our bench to win a 7 game series.
Plus JR, Novak, Felton are perfect starters for the double n tripple team on Iso-Melo.

not to many of our players are co-existin well with our 4 (Felton/JR/Melo/Tyson) most minute played players in our Finisher lineup. Our finisher-lineup is a bigger problem than our starter-lineup.