I'm getting tired of playing Shump out of position at the 3, and with Kidd getting so many minutes. Amar'e should be getting those minutes, IMO - he's showed flashes of brilliance in the post - he's just not getting enough shots. My ideal lineup would be


However, there are some legitimate issues with making that happen right now: First and foremost, we don't have any healthy big men, so either Chandler or Amare have to be on the floor at any given time. If Sheed comes back, this should change. Also, we don't have anyone besides 'Melo who is a legitimate starter at the 3. This should be a reason to start Amar'e, but see my previous point.

I think we're leaning way too much on Kidd. He hasn't been producing lately and seems sluggish. Dude is too old to be chasing around shooting guards for 30 minutes every night.

Maybe Kenyon Martin will provide a good lift off the bench and allow Amar'e to be inserted into the starting lineup. Something needs to be shaken up a bit