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I'm getting tired of playing Shump out of position at the 3, and with Kidd getting so many minutes. Amar'e should be getting those minutes, IMO - he's showed flashes of brilliance in the post - he's just not getting enough shots. My ideal lineup would be


However, there are some legitimate issues with making that happen right now: First and foremost, we don't have any healthy big men, so either Chandler or Amare have to be on the floor at any given time. If Sheed comes back, this should change. Also, we don't have anyone besides 'Melo who is a legitimate starter at the 3. This should be a reason to start Amar'e, but see my previous point.

I think we're leaning way too much on Kidd. He hasn't been producing lately and seems sluggish. Dude is too old to be chasing around shooting guards for 30 minutes every night.

Maybe Kenyon Martin will provide a good lift off the bench and allow Amar'e to be inserted into the starting lineup. Something needs to be shaken up a bit
Agree on all points.

Ideally I think we all want to see Shump play his natural position at the 2 guard and have Kidd in a more limited role, which will hopefully leave enough in his tank for a playoff run.

Small ball may be nice during the regular season and can create mismatches offensively for Melo at the 4, but I don't see it taking us far into the playoffs, plus Melo is taking a beating defensively.

In the end the ultimate goal is to win a championship......and you do that with your best players I believe. With that said, I am still on the fence about STAT starting at the 4. He has been effective off the bench, but I would like to see someone with more of a defensive presence like Camby or Martin (depending on health, effectiveness, stamina, etc) starting and Amare coming in with the 2nd unit to wreak havoc offensively as well as finish games.

If Camby or Martin starts at the 4 with Melo at the 3 and Felton running the point then I would like to see more of an offensive output from the 2. Maybe Shump settles in back at his natural position and becomes more efficient, or you have to start JR to give Melo support on the offensive side of the ball......but you need someone that can be a threat and score consistently to go along with Tyson, Camby, Felton and Melo IMO come playoff time.

If Shump can get back to where he was pre Injury (or close to it) then I would be good with

C - Chandler
PF - Camby
SF - Melo
SG - Shump
PG - Felton

For a starting 5 in the playoffs with Amare and Smith providing firepower off the bench. All depends on how effective the starting 5 is though to make it work.

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