i'll take the win. Knicks played tougher than we've seen in ages, perhaps the presence
of Kenyon Martin on the bench helped their psyche?

JR Smith with some key 3's really put this game away, but Knicks almost fell back
into a loss by allowing Jew Holiday and Evan Turner into the lane, those 2 were
scoring at will it seemed. How do the Knicks allow so many points in the paint?
I thought Shump would bring a defensive presence into the paint and the perimeter,
but he's pulling a Brewer, hardly showing up, not scoring, not starting 5 material.

STAT on the other hand, shows he belongs in the starting 5. what a great game.
it looks like he's back to his former self, as opposed to Shump, who is a shadow
of his pre-injury self. this is the second game STAT has hit almost all his shots,
defended OK, rebounded well, and makes things happen.

I think Wood Son is looking at the Knicks overall record, being atop the Atlantic
conference, not wanting to change things. But Jason Kidd is stinking up the
starting five. he cannot hit a three to save his big-headed kid's life!

I cringe whenever I see him and Feltip or JR passing the ball back and forth
on the perimeter, afraid to take a three, and almost losing the ball or watching
the 24 second clock tick away. at least JR took charge last night and shot and
hit in clutch situations.

Alan "Me So" Hahny reiterated a post-game observance. Feltip needs to take
charge and drive and flip the ball out to Melo IN THE FLOW OF THE GAME.
not just give the ball to Melo and have the whole team watch his iso-Melo.
same with Jr. Melo is enough of a scorer where he can get his points in the
flow, and not need the iso half the game. even if Feltip misses, there's a
good chance Chandler or Melo or STAT will get the rebound. this is how
Knicks were winning at beginning of year. Feltip driving and thriving.
Melo passing and defending.

anyway, it was good to see the Knicks running on all cylinders for most
of the game, and some clutch Junior Swish moments.

It's time for Wood Son to change the starting five and put STAT in his
rightful place. He already has JR on the bench to fortify, how many of the
Knicks best players need to be on the bench to pick up the starting 5?
c'mon Son!

I believe in this team, it's all about effort.