I am reading from some sources that Cavs can create stronger team than Miami IF Lebron in 2k14 will go to Cleveland and will be playing with Irving. Kyrie is complete new level of PG this is not type of Parker that guy is totaly stronger faster

list me other PG who scored 40 @MSG but with bad team just like Wizards b4 Wall was playing

Cavs are targeting Odden

look @ their roster age lot players from 87-90 this is extermely young team + they for sure have so good picks for 2014.

Why i am tellin all of this bcoz look @ Knicks they allways have some opponents which r stronger for them

80s it was allways some1 boston detroit 90s pacers bulls heat 00's was no playoffs

now again heat bulls

if that 2014 will happend Knicks will get another opponent will strong guns

for me Knicks have to acquire big man lineup b4 MELO reach 30 coz he will not be playing alone whole season/playoffs even is hell scoring 40+