I've been watching Rockets games and I've noticed that Houston offense is not centered around the PG..meaning anyone can bring up the ball. A lot of the times, I've seen Harden just play the point, and a lot of the times I've seen Lin just bring up the ball and pass it to Harden to playmake.

Lin had a crappy start in Houston but he's averaging almost 15 points in a system recently where he doesnt get to touch the ball much or play the point. That's pretty damn impressive.

Houston's current system is not good for Lin and vice versa is true too. He's being used as a ball-deferring spot-up shooter who camps at 3. They're not using his penetration skills. Their coach is pretty bad lol. I would love to have Lin back here in NY as long as he can mesh with Melo.

He is better than Felton, no doubt about it. The only question is, which of the two PGs can mesh with Melo better?

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Lin plays in the backcourt with arguably the 2nd or 3rd best SG and teams are focusing on he and Parsons and living with Lin doing whatever! So ESPN "insider" can say what they want but look beyond Lin's inflated stats and you'll see he's still a very overrated player..I'm taking Ray all Day!!
Lin's stats are actually the total opposite of inflated..the way his coach uses him in Rockets, really makes him suffer bad stats