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ZERO to due with hype.
You would be foolish to want Felton over LIN.
Remember its not other PG;s...its LIn or Felton...
its not age or what if's
Plain and simple LIN is better

Don't think I posed a single "what if" but lets talk facts?

Ok answer my question about Lin...how has he improved this year over last year? He still can not drive left, when he goes left he will either pull up and shoot, pass, or go back right! tell me one other NBA Starting PG with this fundamental problem!

Felton thrived in both Woodson and Dantoni's systems...uptempo and a grind game Felton is better

Felton is a better ball handler

Lin is a scoring PG but he sucks at shooting the ball and creating his own shot, he can not take a man off the dribble as good as Raymond can

Again Lin averages just 6 assist a game in the 2nd highest scoring offense in The NBA

Neither is my end all at the PG spot...but no way we have the record we have if Lin was our point!

As a Knick fan I certainly want more from Ray like most of you want, but we for sure would be demanding more for Lin if he
re-upped here this past summer. If he was giving us 12 and 6 and the numbers he is giving Hou. there would be Chris Paul thread and goofy ideas about how to get him here everyday!

Raymond is simply a good enough PG...nothing more...nothing less.

Houston would gladly trade Lin for either of the two PG's that they let go to sign Lin (Dragic and Lowry) Regardless of what they say they are not happy with Lin's production