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Who's better for this team?



1. Our players trust him
2. Our coach trusts him
3. He's cheaper and even more productive
4. He doesn't come with the side-show, not Lin's fault but still
5. He can go left and handle pressure

Now Lin is a better defender but really thats it, Felton has better rapport with Chandler, Carmelo, Earl, STAT, Novak, Shumpert...etc than Lin did who really only looked for Fields with consistency

We got their buddy-buddy asses out of New York, both got over paid and our team is better with both of them gone

Felton>Lin for the Knicks and thats all the matters

The only players that seem to have issue with Lin is Melo and Smith......Shocker there.......I do not think Lin did anything on his own to warrent that ........For Melo and Smith that was just jealousy as silly as that is....

Our coach trusts him ?????? Come on why would Woodson not trust Lin.......That falls in line with the Melo/Smith comment......Woodson was all for bringing LIn back but we all agree the money was not worth it....

Kidd would have been a perfect mentor for LIn....and I am sure between Tyson and Kidd Lin would have been just fine.

All and all Knicks did the best move they could with their dollars and landed Felton......Of course the other dollars on Rasheed and Camby seem to be a big waste and nobody is ever healthy....

The question originated with who is better.....

If you were starting an NBA franchise and had to take a PG as your first pick and it was between Lin and Felton...I would take LIN