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This is a great point.
No, it's not, because it fails to mention that Jeremy Lin isn't the only one who brings the ball up for the Rockets! FFS James Harden has 5.7 assists on that team because he's also a playmaker! If Jeremy Lin were the sole playmaker on the team then he'd obviously be averaging much higher, but that's not the case since he has to share the backcourt with Harden!

The Knicks on the other hand only have one playmaker on the team since Kidd plays SG nowadays and doesn't usually bring the ball up the court anymore. Lin is making the best out of a bad situation - he's on a team with a ball-dominant Swingman in James Harden as opposed to having an offense centered around him. Instead of being a PG he's primarily a spot-up shooter who camps on the wing since Harden does a lot of the ball-handling and playmaking. The fact that he averages 6.2 assists is miraculous since he's pretty much playing as a SG