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I don't feel Lin faced any real pressure due to "Linsanity" last season in NY.

He was an unknown, had no expectations and didn't have to worry about trying to please superstars or gel with guys like Melo since he was injured when Lin got his shot.

If Lin came in and completely sucked no one would of criticized him at all.....he had no expectations and once he started playing good his hot streak could of ended at any time and the only thing that would of been said was "Wow what a great story, never expected a guy like Lin to make any type of impact! " etc .......

Now fast forward to this season.....if Lin was retained by the Knicks there would be enormous expectations after signing a significant contract and being expected to start and run this offense.

Im not saying Lin couldn't of been capable to handle the expectations if he was still a Knick, but no question the pressure would be very high compared to last season where he had no expectations and everything was just icing on the cake.
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There are a big difference in Linsanity & Felton ....
1) Lin is a pass-first PG with great passing-skills to cutters and moving without the ball players.
2) Lin's court vision is great b/c Lin pass the ball while he is dribbling.
3) Lin's pressure defense is great when u tandem Lin with a defensive SG or SF player.
4) Lin's best talent skills are when he is in a lineup with uptempo transition players (which Melo & JR are not).
5) Melo & JR expose Lin's talent by slowing down the tempo of the game by never running in transition, making Lin's transition become a 1 on 3 fastbreak, with our two peremeter defenders Melo & JR walking back on offense instead of running with Lin.
6) There's no inexperience in Jeremy Lin's performance, he's an uptempo transition PG who will try to make the impossible passes to score. However, with a season tutorship of HOF Jason Kidd the ceiling wouldve been high on Lin's performance .. Melo who? recall the crowd in MSG luv screamin "Linsanity" every minute to pump up who???

1) Felton is a shoot-first PG with mediocre passing-skills, with poor court-vision in a open court offense.
2) Felton is a slow-ballin halfcourt-offensive PG who works best when givin a design play with screens n picks,
3) Felton is the shooter of a fastbreak, not the passer on a fastbreak.
4) Felton defensive-effort is suspect and inconsistent throughout each game.
5) Felton eight season career has yet to find a SG to gell well with in the backcourt,
which makes Felton a 20 minute backup PG.

Originally Posted by New New York[Only registered and activated users can see links. ]What does that say about his coaches confidence in him? It's safe to say Chris Paul would handle the ball more if he were a Rocket!
And to the point of the Thread so would Felton!!!!

James Harden is a pure PG/SG that could play point-foward in a 3-guard offense.
Harden played the point when tandem with Westbrook in a lineup.
CP3 would luv to share the point with Harden .. MJ & Pippin or Lebron & Wade