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All it takes is a shooting slump and people want players out of the rotation...Kidd is slumping right now from 3, just like Melo and even Novak (relatively speaking)we have to ride it out!

Now the reason I want Kidd out of the starting 5 is because I do not like Shump at the 3 (that's for another thread)

I kinda like Stat off the bench but I do like how he and Melo looked together against Golden State so I would not be against the change but it can't be because of Kidd's shooting because Kidd will find his stroke.
Agreed, Kidd, good start excuse, needs to go out the door, Shump will help the defense. I love how these coaches use Kidd as an extension of themselves on the floor, using Kidd to maintain the team on the floor within their control. First it was Carlisle his first year there. His minutes would be way over extended. Carlisle realized it by the end of his 2nd year, that it was a marathon, not a sprint....Woodson doesn't realize that now.....Big apple pressure wearing on him....but the team is not doing well, got to re-mix the chemistry and try another thing....way too stubborn.