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I liked the way we played in the 1st half from an effort standpoint. The ball was moving nicely and aside from a few questionable 3s, it was good. I knew that 14 point lead wasn't going to last because MIA is just too good right now. HOWEVER, it didn't help that the knicks came out in the 3rd quarted living from the perimeter and launching 3s when they should have been trying to get easier baskets near or inside the paint. When MIA was making their comback, all I wanted was for Woodson to make it a priority to keep pressuring them with drives to the basket. Novak for whatever reason keeps seeing playing time against this team when it has been proven that he's just not effective. Kidd played great but once again too many 3s for my taste.

JR Smith was his usual low basketball IQ self. He's high risk / high reward as we all know but when he took that contested 3 when were only down 2, I knew that was the game. During that point, both teams were trying to keep or break ahead on a 2 point lead. The temperature of the game called for well executed shots, or at least shots to be taken by your finisher. This is something JR didn't understand and it cost us the chance to win the game. On the other end, the Heat were very disciplined and knew who they wanted to finish the game with when it mattered. I'm still a JR fan but he can't be the robin to Melo's batman. He just doesn't have the IQ to thrive in a close game that requires execution.

Woodson is making a big mistake with Amare. You have a talented guy whose efficient and apparently feeling great and you use him like a role player??? His confidence is extremely high right now and you have to allow him to become Amare again. He made some nice defensive plays yesterday and even though his rebounding was weak, he's still our best low post threat. On the other hand, JR was able to shoot whenever he wanted without consequence. The fact that Camby or Martin didn't see any minutes for defensive purposes is also weird. Kidd shouldn't be playing more minutes than Amare nor Shump.

The game was very winnable but this just proves that we aren't there yet. Also, Woodson is showing a lot of weakness in his coaching ability to get players to understand situations, possessions, and time management. Woodson said in the post game interview that JR needs to have better shot selection. REALLY?? Where was that talk DURING the game when he was on his way to 14 3 pt attempts???
Really appreciate your points.

If a coach can't see nor understand the mental aspect of the game, he's not a good coach period.
What message is Woodson sending by minimizing STAT'S role?

And that message is exacerbated by other related decisions with minutes, playing time, and roles.

Is STAT a leader? Yes or No. This can't be about injury because there are other (worse) examples of coach's decisions regarding injuries.

This can't be about talent or contribution because there are other (worse) examples of that.

So what is it? Something personal?

It's so frustrating when an NBA coach can't get the simple sh*t correct. I can understand the difficult decisions that may take creativity, planning, and strategy but the simple sh*t is just that. Play your best.

Stop... I repeat STOP taking and enabling the team to shoot so many 3's!

Know your players roles. Stat TC Melo = Leaders. Act accordingly.

In effect Coach Woodson I making Kidd/Novak/And White more important than AMARE.

...AND SURROUNDING Melo with 3 point guards in Felt, Kidd, Shump or JR...

Is just ridiculous.

Sure JR can create his shot but so too can STAT and the odds are greater that something positive happens (fouls).

Yo, haven't we had this same conversation before? Smh.....