during the off season zeke made a some changes that were supposed to bring about an end to the mediocrity the knicks showed under the layden era,so far nothing has worked.boston blew us out,a shorthanded pacers beat us,held down duncan in sa and still loss. we have players that we depending on underachieving or in tt's case just not achieving.now the team looks as if it will implode. all this saddens me,but i like reading your comments on the team. so im asking for any;any trade ideas that will get this teambouncing again. i realize we need to trade for a new centre and small forward. i think our guard and power forward situation is nice.marbury,k thomas,crawford,williams,penny,sweetney azria these guys are playing ok ball. the rest are just awful.baker cant even get in the rotation,nazr is out dueled,tim thomas.......... damn tim thomas. no defense. so please help a brother out talk trade ideas etc lets see if we can make us better