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    Saw yesterday that the Cavs just released this kid. He might not be "there" yet in terms of being all he could eventually become, but even as is right now, there's no denying this kid Selby has a lot talent. I think he could help us as is --- as a hungry youngster with great athletic ability that can shoot from deep and penetrate/get deep in the lane at will. True scorer's mentality backed up by great physical tools and loads of ability/potential. PG abilities are still a little raw but I think that'll come. I just watched some of his d-league clips and he does have some feel for the point: good ball handler, he can definitely move the ball -- saw him hit open shooters on the perimeter with nice passes, he can drive and kick and also run the pick and roll pretty smoothly. With a commitment and decent mins. somewhere, that will all come eventually. What he could do right now for us is provide another top scoring option for us to go along with Melo. This whole offense has become very predictable and easy to defend --- JR Smith's talented but this guy continues to play his usually low %/low IQ ball; Felton's been pulling his usual Jekyll & Hyde act (we desperately need Ray to play like he did against Washington ALL THE TIME. Keep applying pressure at all times. PERIOD. Woody's gotta demand that from him. Forget this 'we sat down & talked about it' stuff -- DEMAND IT FROM HIM!! Ray can't take a night off -- get in the lane, cause havoc and make plays, even if it's for himself -- when he doesn't, this is a completely different team that suffers), Amar'e's still effective but not what he used to be and on a mins. limit; Shump's not participating in this offense (I'd argue Woody's gotta call his number more and start to get him involved/instill confidence and not just replace him 5 mins into the game every night); Chandler's just not an offensive threat at all most nights; Kidd's better days are clearly behind him, etc... This kid Selby reminds me of the countless effective combo guards in the NBA that are thriving today: Toney Douglas (much more athletic & talented than TD with so much more potential), Jason Terry, Jamal Crawford, Monta Ellis, Aaron Brooks, some JR Smith in a PG's body --- I see a little of all these players in Selby. We could use some of that. They'll never do it---they're clearly into these antique store-type vets above all else--why I don't know, but I'd grab this kid. I think it could turn out to be your classic low risk/high reward scenario.
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