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    Thumbs down This is what happens!

    Give up 52 points in a quarter and a half to the Cavs.

    Let'em shoot 76%.

    18 Lay-ups to the Heat.

    Going .500 after a good start.

    This is what happens when our coach cuts our legs out from under us by starting a career across seas player over a perennial all-star.

    When a steady line-up isn't set by coach.

    When the line-up that is set has a sub, some random new dude (Copeland, White) that can't stop HIS man (at least Brewer could contribute on the defensive end), and a star player playing out of position.

    I'm for over achieving. I believe even if the Knicks aren't as good on paper or talent wise, they can have a chance to compete by playing as a team. In order for that to happen this coach needs to be spectacular.

    Roles should be set. Not withstanding the injury situation; I am puzzled at the roles coach is perpetuating. Correct me if I'm wrong but wasn't Amare a starter all the way up until he got hurt?

    And now I'm to believe he isn't in because he lacks defense? Really? So James White, Jason Kidd, and Copeland are better defenders? Rebounders? Scorers? Players? At the four... really?

    For a time I vouched for JR. I thought at a time he should have been given a chance to start; I felt he earned it. He was hungry, dedicated, and showed interest in improving. We needed additional scoring to take the load off of Melo, so I figured why not.

    Coach went with every other combo trying to circumvent the obvious.

    And this notion of starting not meaning anything. Really? Well not only did coach not start STAT, he didn't play him the final 7 minutes. That's a former rookie of the year, multiple time all-star, 6' 11, 100mil man in his prime sitting on the bench? Word?

    And I guess an agent can tell an interested team- he may not be a starter but he plays starter minutes, right? And of course every team plays one of their best players at his position in reduced minutes. Bullsh*t! Starters play the majority of minutes... because they're the best the team has to offer. Can someone name a better 3/4 combination on this team than STAT & Melo? Nope.

    This is what happens when a coach borrows so much of another without perpetuating his own philosophy that he loses his identity? The line-ups, subs, injury management, threes, trade, etc... all are examples of what D'Antoni did and does; they are examples of what not to do.

    You want to see a team lose? Want to see a team defeat itself; A talented team that can beat anyone and can be beat by anyone on any given night? An inconsistent at best team? Try a team that doesn't field it's best players for the majority of the game; a team that hasn't figured out that the NBA is a game of size, match-ups, and decisions. A team where a sixth man is more important than the fourth starter.

    Try a team that leads the NBA in threes attempted, and is on pace to break the all-time record. A team coached by someone who forgot his principles. Do you remember defensive accountability? Remember when coach would scream on dudes headed to the bench? Remember when he took JR out after one possession for being lax on D?

    Remember when I said too many threes? This is what happens. It's maddening. The false identity we forged being a bomb squad is gone and miniscule. We had a punchers chance; a toughness.

    When Wallace went down the alarm should have sounded. He if anything showed the importance of big defense and passing out of the post. He also scored out of the post.

    When coach started to sit Brewer in place of 30yr old rookies due to being cold, the alarm should have sounded. Someone should have said, coach what happened to the D?

    Now Melo is out.. and coach is forced to play STAT. All this will do is regrettably prove me right once again. Sadly Amare will have one of his best nights and coach will continue to sit him for stretches with no rhyme or reason and people will say thats because Melo wasn't in there. Even more sad is that coach never even gave us a chance to find out.


    PS I'll stop repeating this after this.
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