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He has 1 day to learn that NOTHING is gauranteed including his job. He has no time and no explanation to make mistakes. Seize this moment, admit you were wrong, and demonstrate your humility by giving us the best chance to win.
If he actually did this he'd win the favor of many knick fans. Keeping Amare on the bench has gone to stubborn levels. I've heard plenty of basketball analysts simply say "you start your best players". Woodson is too concerned about balancing the starting unit and the bench. I know there have been injuries but guys really should have a better idea what their roles are now. Kurt has been mostly effective when given a chance but hasen't sniffed the court even during our mega definsive decline. Copeland, while not being the greatest defender proved on many occassions that he has the ability to score in this league. I'm pretty sure he's clueless as to why he got overlooked even when the team needed some offensive infusion. Hell, he's more versatile than Novak.

I hate when the knicks give their coaches shows on MSG. I just think its wrong and adds to the celebrity. I want my coach to be hidden away and strategizing until practice and gametime. These guys should be doing plenty of things in practice and I don't want cameras in there inturrupting and setting up segments for a show.