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    Originally Posted by bigapple
    and cavs annoucer known Knicks better than Knicks worlds says Knicks cant play fastbreaks bcoz they DONT HAVE Age for fastbreaks.

    I dont recall Melo, JR, or Felton being apart of a fastbreak on their previous teams.

    The trio of Melo, JR, and Felton know how to catch a lob pass to score a layup/dunk on a 1 on 0 fastbreak,
    but the trio rarely look up court to throw a lob-pass, plus the Trio dont know how to complete a 3 on 2 fastbreak without shooting a jump-shot.
    I mention this because the trio are our most minute played players on the Knicks, and this season they prove to be highly-elergic to the running-game.
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