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all he has to do is grow up, and play like he was at the beginning of the year. Take fewer shots and trust your teammates with those passed-up shots. He's here and he's here to stay. At this point, it's the coaches' job to get this into his head.
Yes he does have to grow up and have that same attitude that he had when he said he wanted to win.This team played great ball on the court.He has to realise he can still get his 25 pts a game with fewer shots b/c of the talent he has it would come easily.The ball movement has completly stoped b/c of Melo and smith.We have seen over and over when melo gets hurt that the ball movement comes back.I agree it is on the coach to fix this problem BUT I also think Melo has to do his part and agree to share the ball.This team will never win if Melo keeps this kind of attitude and thats a fact.Yes we will make it to the playoffs but won't stay there long if melo does'nt get his act together.